Poetry is a living breathing vibrant entity that can communicate with us in a way that nothing else can: it can often be found in the most unusual of places. Last night I stumbled upon a wonderful piece that conveys an important and timely message - living in the 'now'
Where did I find it?
In a beautifully made television advert of all places. I have no connection with Magners Irish Cider and I'm not here to directly promote their product or the drinking of alcohol generally, but I AM here to share the message of that poem. Well done Magners - Great advert.


And the transcribed words to the Magners Ad poem .............

Now is a good time

When yesterday's gone and tomorrow is near,
Why look for a thing when it's already here.
And tell me you never once asked yourself how
Some people end up in the middle of the now.
Now is the beat of the feet on the floor,
Now is the then we were all waiting for.
It's the strike of the luck.
It's the go with the flow.
It's the sharing the luck with the people we know.
See, a wise fool once said,
Kinda out of the blue,
That life is a dream
That's already come true.
It's less of the what and the where and the how,
It's more of the you and the me and the now.

(Composed by Murray Lachlan Young specially for a television ad campaign on behalf of Magners Original Irish cider 2013)
Reproduced with permission